Andrea Nitsche

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Andrea Nitsche


Agency/Agentur: Actors and Company

Nationalities/Nationalitäten: Austria / Österreich

Languages/Sprachen: Austrian, wienerisch, Ungarisch, Böhmisch, English

Location/Wohnort: Wien

Playing age/Spielalter: 35-45

Height/Körpergröße: 178cm (5’8″)

Eye colour/Augenfarbe:brown / braun

Hair colour/Haarfarbe: brown / braun

Hair length/Haarlänge: mid-length, mittellang

About Me...

Andrea Nitsche, born 1976, is living and working in Vienna, Austria. She loves the challenges of her job as an actress. In her you have a multifaceted, curious, perfectionist, caring and reliable team player. She is a nerd- she plays D&D, loves Star Trek, and ,The Big Bang Theory' sometimes seems like her life ( her husband is a physicist). Her most beloved possessions are a Bat'leth with autographs from her first 2 Science Fiction conventions, her many nerd-shirts and her Doc Martens collection.

After many years in theater she is putting her focus more and more on working in movies, 'cause 'I just love the energy and the intensity on a film set.








actress, tall, slim, bossy, caring, speedy, androgynous, motherly, tough, quirky, nerdy, scatty, elegant, sporty
detective, mystic, sci-fi, lawyer, doctor, femme fatale, mother, male characters, prostitute, elf, disabled characters, business woman, amazon, priestess, therapist, CEO, educationist, trainer, (Viennese) white trash, mage ….and many mooooore

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