Erika Joy Mitschrich


Erika Joy Mitschrich


Agency/Agentur: Fangfrisch, Berlin

Nationalities/Nationalitäten: Canadian/kanadisch, German/deutsch

Languages/Sprachen: English (Mother tongue)/englisch (Muttersprache), German/deutsch, Spanish/spanisch

Location/Wohnort: Berlin

Playing age/Spielalter: 33-43

Height/Körpergröße: 175 cm

Eye colour/Augenfarbe: blue-green/blau-grün

Hair colour/Haarfarbe: blonde/blond

Hair length/Haarlänge: medium/mittellang

About Me...

Erika Mitschrich is a professional theatre and screen actress. She has acted in numerous plays with East West Theatre and Zuloo Productions in Shanghai, China as well as directed and acted in plays with International Spice Theatre Company in Nanjing, China, of which she is a founder. Furthermore, she has acted as the duplicitous character Alexis in the series, “Nothingman” and Countess Theresa La Roche in the series, “Contamin”. Her latest film projects are “Isabeau” and “Connatural Scamsters”. Erika has a certificate in screen acting from Catalyst in Berlin, has studied at the London School of Dramatic Art, and continues to take acting technique, voice, and movement classes. She has a B.A. (History and English), B.Ed., and a M.Sc.




Actress, blond, jamesbond, lovestory, mother, vamp, evil

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