Fanny Valentina Paananen


Fanny Valentina Paananen


Agency/Agentur: not yet

Nationalities/Nationalitäten:  Finnish / Finisch

Languages/Sprachen: Finnish, English, Swedish, French / finnisch, englisch, schwedisch, französisch

Location/Wohnort: Copenhagen

Playing age/Spielalter: 21- 31

Height/Körpergröße:165 cm (5’3″)

Eye colour/Augenfarbe:blue-grey/ blau-grau

Hair colour/Haarfarbe:brow /, braun

Hair length/Haarlänge: long / lang

About Me...

Fanny is a Finnish cinema actress, performing artist and audiobook narrator currently finishing her degree at the Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts. (CISPA), where she will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Method Acting in June 2022. She has been educated with a mindbody approach to actor training which is a cutting edge amalgamation of different methods, techniques and philosophies: The Rudolf Laban & Yat Malmgren Movement Psychology method, Stanislavsky's acting techniques, C.G. Jung's research on archetypes and the collective unconscious as well as Ivana Chubbuck techniques in film acting and Gaga Movement Language, developed by Ohad Naharin. Fanny has done courses in Suzuki, Viewpoints and Meisner Technique, and has all the necessary tools to succeed as a robust and creative actress, performer and a theatre maker in a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary context. She can play and compose on the piano as well as build soundscapes. Fanny is a serious football player who loves chocolate cake.



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