Patrick Torring


Patrick Torring


Agency/Agentur: not yet

Nationalities/Nationalitäten: Danish/ Dänisch

Languages/Sprachen: danish ,english / dänish, englisch

Location/Wohnort: Berlin

Playing age/Spielalter: 25- 31

Height/Körpergröße:180 cm (5’9″)

Eye colour/Augenfarbe: blue-green / blau-grün

Hair colour/Haarfarbe: brow /, braun

Hair length/Haarlänge: short -medium/ kurz-mittel

About Me...

He is an actor and theatre maker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through 2019-2022 he has attended CIPSA, Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts. Here he has acquired skills in acting in contemporary acting technique, singing and dancing contemporary ballet. 

Though the three years he has been in several TV-series including ‘Money Heist,’ ‘Den som Dræber,’ and ‘SUNDAY.’ Next to that he has been in 10+ commercials for companies such as Audi, Logitech and Fitness World. 


He is a strong willed, passionate actor with a lot of adaptability. He has been playing parts with more vulnerability as well as roles that are more humours and down to Earth tone. He’s always curious and searching to find more depth and specificity in all his characters. Always up for another challenge. 


He started working as an Actor out of my pure love of the arts. He's passionate about acting because he wants to brining all aspects of being a human alive - The highs and lows, which we all have. He believes the more he can bring his uninhibited self to life in his acting he can bring more joy, contemplation and inspiration to the audience.


As of 2022 he has acted in my first Shortfilm ‘All eyes on Stephanie’, preparing a theatre show ‘The Seagull’ in trekantområdets Festuge at Billund Airport August 2022 & working on other international theatre pieces.


coming soon


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